Monika Pisankaneva

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Monika Pisankaneva, a Bulgarian lecturer and prominent LGBT activist, has dedicated her life to advancing the rights and visibility of the LGBT community in Bulgaria. From her early involvement with the organization Gemini to her founding of the Bilitis Resource Center in Sofia, Pisankaneva has been at the forefront of networking and outreach efforts for lesbian, transgender, and bisexual women. Her academic contributions and activism have played a pivotal role in raising awareness about LGBT rights in Bulgaria, and she continues to spearhead projects to promote inclusivity and equality. Pisankaneva's unwavering commitment to human rights and her extensive contributions to civil service organizations underscore her tireless pursuit of peace and justice for all individuals, making her a true beacon of hope in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Bulgaria.

Artwork by
Mira Miroslavova

In my portrait of Monika Pisankaneva, I decided to combine a very classic Bulgarian pottery art style behind her as a framing technique. The rose bouquet - turning into butterflies made from light is a key traditional element as well. The entire piece is done with a digital pencil in Procreate. Bulgaria is the main rose oil export, used for fragrances and cosmetics, and is a very popular association with our country. The idea is that the petals turn into light butterflies as a representation of her work as an LGBTQ+ activist. The butterflies are a symbol of transformation and freedom. Like the one that her work is aiming for.  I decided to go for a red-pink-ish color - again inspired by roses and love.


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March 3, 1878
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