Afrodita Musliu

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Human Rights

Afrodita Musliu is a Macedonian human rights activist and the president of Nexus Civil Concept, a non-profit that aims to prevent the spread of violent extremism by promoting inter-ethnic tolerance in her home country.

With conflicts raging on in nearby Syria and Iraq, it has become all too common for the youths of Macedonia and neighboring Albania to get swept up in propaganda and the desire to leave Macedonia to go fight. In order to protect people from the manipulation, Musliu has been working against this radicalization by spreading her own messages online. Conducting a set of several focus groups, Nexus Civil Concept determined that there was little being done to combat this rampant wave of radicalization, convincing Musliu of the necessity for a larger campaign.

Through a series of interviews with Macedonians who have entered these conflicts and returned, Nexus Civil Concept is able to reveal the harsh truths about the war through first hand experience. The issue became so pressing that Nexus Civil Concept would go on to partner with the government of Macedonia to further distribute these recorded stories to help educate the nation.

Artwork by
Drew David Park

This portrait of Afrodita Musliu was inspired by the weathered Byzantine era fresco paintings found throughout Macedonia.

North Macedonia

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September 8, 1991
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